Itema combines Swiss precision with Italian creativity.
The brand is legendary for being the sole provider of the three most spread weft insertion systems. Besides the Rapier and Air jet, we are unique with the Projectile technology. Itema guarantees the right weaving machine for any type of woven fabric. From commodity to high-fashion or industrial fabrics, Itema has the right weaving machine for it.


Rapier Weaving Machines
Weave anything!

Rapier weaving machines are particularly suitable for producing fabrics from fine to coarse yarns. Their versatility is evident in the speed and simplicity with which they can be adapted, with appropriate equipment and settings, to changing requirements. The technical capabilities of Itema rapier weaving machines are recognized and appreciated worldwide.
Our rapier weaving machines feature the following advantages:
- gentle yarn handling - outstanding fabric quality 
- low weft wastage - substantial cost savings 
- short style-setting times - higher productivity 
- less maintenance - higher efficiency

Air jet Weaving Machines
Weaving machines for mass-production!

Air jet weaving machines are high production machines with increasing flexibility. Specific versions are available for weaving spun fibres, filament, woollen or fine glass fabrics. Depending on the application, the machines can be equipped with different shedding motions. The outstanding performance with the least air consumption of all air jet machines on the marked, the brand is a machine with a guaranteed return of investment.
Our air jet weaving machines feature the following advantages:
- high productivity 
- low investment cost 
- ease of operation 
- reliability and low maintenance costs 
- small footprint 
- low spare parts consumption

Projectile Weaving Machines
The weaving machine for technical and industrial fabrics!

More than 150’000 projectile weaving machines are running worldwide producing high quality fabrics.
The projectile weaving machine ensures high productivity, user friendly operation and top fabric quality.
The robust, technologically mature engineering design gives the textile industry the following advantages: 
- low power consumption 
- no material loss, thanks to tucked-in selvedges 
- top reliability, functionality, and ease of operation 
- low servicing and maintenance costs 
- long-term retention of value thanks to upgrades