Oerlikon Saurer is the worldwide market leader for twisting and embroidery production systems. Here, extensive experience accumulated over many generations is combined with modern knowledge to help shape the future of textile production. In this unit, age-old textile traditions meet state-of-the-art technology in a symbiosis of expertise, quality and safety.

Modular embroidery machine systems and high efficiency.

With its product range, Oerlikon Saurer fulfils the most differing requirements of the various market areas. On the one side, the market demands highest productivity and a favorable price-performance ratio, enabling above all to produce standard designs in large quantities. On the other side, there exists a market for middle to small meterages which requires frequent article change and consequently high flexibility. Next to standard designs, the single needle selection and the perfect, fast cutting unit for each needle becomes more and more important.
Oerlikon Saurer embroidery machines offer customized but flexible solutions for every application.

Epoca 6

The embroidery machine

Inspiration for embroidery

The Epoca 6 opens up previously unattained dimensions in shuttle embroidery and in doing so sets groundbreaking standards in every respect. When designing the new Epoca 6, our engineers placed great emphasis on the central requirements of professional embroidery:

maximum productivity 
absolute reliability
best embroidery quality

The exceptional user-friendliness is unique and in conjunction with the graphical user interface perfectly completes the all-round qualities of the system.

Epoca 6 pro

New Dimensions

In addition we created new possibilities of adjustments, which facilitate the production of a multitude of materials with the highest quality.